Exterior Cleaning Services

Deepklenz was formed in 1976 by Alfred Forsyth.
In the early years Steam carpet cleaning is what Alfred specialised. In later years he diversed into traditional window cleaning.
In 2010 I took over bringing in polefed water system. in 2012 i started doing garden care for a few of my customers and In 2013 i introduced Jetwashing into the mix. In 2019 Gutter cleaning was added and in 2023 i added roof cleaning & softwash.

Window Cleaning

Waterfed pole and Traditional window cleaning. Pure water is used for pole fed cleaning. Frames and sills are included in the price

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters can get blocked from various debris moss, broken tiles, dead birds, sticks, plants and many more forign objects causing the gutters to over flow which can cause structual dammage to walls.

Roof Cleaning

Looking after a roof and keeping it clean can extend the life of the roof Methods 1 Roof scrape 2 Jet washing & biocide (not all tiles are suitable for this method) 3 Soft washing & biocide (Sodium Hypochlorite) 4 Steam clean & biocide ( best method for old delicate tiles) Attention: Biocide is a treatment that kills off the foreign matters on the tiles it continues to kill off and repel foreign matter lasting upto 2 years in most cases.

Power washing

Sprucing up drives, patios & walls making them look fresh giving a good first impression of your property A biocide treatment can be used to keep the surfaces cleaner for longer.

Garden Care

Lawn mowing & Hedge cutting

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